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Synopsis : Two zanies try to stage a show in a theater that has a reputation for being being jinxed.
1937 60 min. Comedy
Synopsis : A couple about to be married are both having affairs, with women. This campy sex-romp takes place in some European city where everyone appears to be sex crazed and speaks with a different accent.
1966 81 min. Drama
Synopsis : Klaus Kinski stars as Professor Alex Nijinsky with the beautiful Katia Christine as his wife; Aniuska. Together they movie into the huge mansion left to Aniuska by her late father, who also was a scientist. Alex is very much in love with his wife but she is unhappy and has lost her love for him, but feels she must stay with him as he is not well. As they live together, yet apart in the same home, Alex discovers her fathers diary, then his laboratory and becomes obsessed with his experiments in the reanimation of the dead.
1974 84 min. Horror
Synopsis : Hardcore British sex. These horny couples just love sucking and making love to camera.
1998 98 min. After Hours
Synopsis : A story about love, innocense lost and unbridaled enthusiasm. Just kidding. This movie has everything that you'd demand in an amateur gang bang sex movie. You be the judge.
1995 60 min. After Hours