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Synopsis : A poor boy catches a glimpse of the daughter of the Sultan and with the aid of the Genie of the Magic Lamp successfully proves himself worthy of her hand in marriage.
1968 72 min. Family
Synopsis : Pop Ormsby wins the contract from the Army Engineer Corps for the construction of the Alaska Highway connecting Alaska to Canada. The elder of his two sons, Woody Ormseby, decides he had rather fight with bullets than bulldozers but is assigned by the Army to work on the project. Woody and his younger brother Steve are both rivals for the affection of Ann Caswell, the daughter of Road Engineer Blair Caswell.
1943 67 min. Drama
Synopsis : Brandon De Wilde is an offbeat young man who is befriended by a circus magician and his wife who turns a magic trick into terror.
1956 26 min. Classic TV
Synopsis : Darren McGavin is a well-to-do businessman who seeks employment with an older woman to gain possession of her valuable vase.
1955 26 min. Classic TV
Synopsis : A young woman falls in love with an infamous thief hiding in the underworld. A must see classic.
1938 96 min. Romance