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Synopsis : Killer Walter Handy and his gang are on the run for Mexico, leaving a trail of death in their wake.
1958 26 min. Classic TV
Synopsis : Bandit leader El Diablo who controls the country with his gang plans to achieve gold destined for Mexico but he is not the only one.
1965 82 min. Westerns
Synopsis : The Hitchcock masterpiece of a man, framed for murder by spies, fleeing both the police and the spy ring. Do not miss this Hitchcock classic.
1935 85 min. Thriller
Synopsis : A fine retelling of the classic tale about a penny pinching holiday hater who learns appreciation of Christmas following a frightful, revealing evening with super natural visitors.
1951 83 min. Classic
Synopsis : Superb, romantic screen adaptation of Hemmingways tragic novel about the ill-fated WWI romance between an American soldier and a British nurse in war torn Italy.
1932 78 min. Romance