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Synopsis : A lynch mob in Galeyville hang a pair of innocent Apaches suspected of stealing horses.
1958 26 min. Classic TV
Synopsis : In this, the series first episode, captain Rydding is asked by a newspaper publisher to help clean up the lawless town of Wilcox.
1957 26 min. Classic TV
Synopsis : The Rangers apprehend Mary Bender, girlfriend to one of the notorious Wild Bunch. Unable to get her to talk, Rydding decides to use her as bail.
1957 26 min. Classic TV
Synopsis : Ma Hackett, the matriarch of a criminal clan, kidnaps the daughter of a Fort Apache colonel and delivers a simple ultimatum - if her son Byron\'s execution goes ahead as scheduled, the colonels daughter will be murdered.
1959 26 min. Classic TV
Synopsis : A serial killer is on the loose and Sam Hudson is convinced that he himself is the monster who has strangled four women.
1958 26 min. Classic TV