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Synopsis : Running out of excuses to go to the gym? Let Pump It Up pump you up!
1997 82 min. After Hours
Synopsis : A woman's husband has disappeared on an expedition into the jungle. She hires a guide to take her into the jungle to find him. However, they discover that he has been captured by a savage female tribe.
1947 60 min. Action
Synopsis : A group of international terrorists are trying to ransom the Hong Kong and English government. They won't kill the Queen if they receive a huge amount of ransom money. An exiled South Asian Princess is also thrown into the mix. She befriends a local kid. The terrorists are under the watchful eye of the local H.K.P.D. What will happen next?
1976 86 min. Drama
Synopsis : Motor mechanic Dan Brady lacks funds for a heavy date with new waitress Vera, the type whose life's ambition is a fur coat; so he embezzles twenty dollars from his employer. To make up the shortage, he goes in debt for a hundred. Thereafter, every means he tries to get out of trouble only gets him deeper into crime, while everyone he meets is out for what they can get.
1950 78 min. Film Noir
Synopsis : A newly released forger is conned into painting a portrait of a recently deceased man. His ex-cellmate uses it to try to solicit payment for a supposedly commissioned artwork.
1950 26 min. Classic TV