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Trailers Movies at - May
Synopsis : May is a young strange girl who had a very disturbed childhood and does not still know the meaning of true friendship or love. She works at a pet clinic and lives alone with her only "true friend"; a doll her mother gave her when she was a little girl. When she fails to find the "perfect man" that will make her happy, she decides to construct him herself, using parts from different people.
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2002 2 min. Free
Trailers Movies at - Max
Synopsis : A Jewish art dealer, who lost an arm during World War I befriends a young art student named Adolf Hitler, encouraging his artistic aspirations. However, the bitter and penniless Hitler is torn between his artistic desires and the increasing influence politics begins to play in his life.
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2002 2 min. Free
Trailers Movies at - Mondays in the Sun
Synopsis : This is the story of those who live in a constant Sunday, those who spend mondays under the Sun. The story of people who worked in a dockyard but now are unemployed.
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2002 1 min. Free
Trailers Movies at - Master Show, The: Evil Twin
Synopsis : A family man with a mysterious past discovers he has an "evil" twin who appears to be after revenge in this spoof of T.V. serials.
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2001 2 min. Free
Trailers Movies at - Monster's Ball
Synopsis : A racist warden falls in love with the black widow of a man he's executed.
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2001 2 min. Free