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Horror Movies at - Blood Feast
Synopsis : A demented caterer butchers hapless young women to splice them together in order to bring back an Egyptian goddess. Special guest appearance by Playboy playmate Connie Mason.
Download Blood Feast at
1963 67 min. Plus
Horror Movies at - Black Dragons, The
Synopsis : Lugosi is the plastic surgeon who cuts and pastes Japanese face parts to permit agents to pass as Americans.
Download Black Dragons, The at
1942 62 min. Plus
Horror Movies at - Bride of the Gorilla
Synopsis : Burr plays the manager of a rubber plantation in South America. A local native woman places a curse on Burr and its not too long before he is transformed into a gorilla.
Download Bride of the Gorilla at
1951 65 min. Plus
Horror Movies at - Bowery At Midnight
Synopsis : Bela Lugosi is a psychology professor who secretly runs a Bowery mission to exploit the resident bums. The dramatic ending is not to be missed.
Download Bowery At Midnight at
1942 62 min. Plus
Horror Movies at - Boys From Brooklyn, The
Synopsis : A mad scientist on a South Sea island turns half of a stranded comedy team into a gorilla. Another Lugosi clasic not to be missed.
Download Boys From Brooklyn, The at
1952 74 min. Plus