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Drama Movies at - Speed to Spare
Synopsis : Stunt driver Cliff Jordan takes a job with his old pal Jerry McGee, branch manager of an express trucking firm. Jerry is married to Mary, Cliff\'s former girl friend. Also working for Jerry is Pete Simmons, son of the owner Al Simmons, and office secretary Jane Chandler, who is Pete\'s sweetheart. Before long, Cliff has made enemies of Pusher Wilks, a trucker whose run he takes over, and also Pete, whose girl he is trying to take over. Pusher sabotages Cliff\'s rig at every opportunity causing several near-fatal accidents.
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1948 57 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Sex Club International
Synopsis : Businesswoman Carol Kane sets up a chain of Sex Club International franchises all over the world that supplies sexy girls to rich clientle.
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1967 58 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Sinners in Paradise
Synopsis : A seaplane departs for China. On board are a nurse escaping a loveless marriage to do work with refugees, a woman hoping to surprise her estranged son, a wealthy heiress trying to distance herself from labor troubles, an oily politician, a moll and a mobster fleeing the wrath of the gangs they've double-crossed, two rival munitions salesmen out to cash in on the misery of war, and a fresh-faced young steward. Caught in a course-altering storm, a crash-landing destroys the plane, kills the plane's officers, and tosses the surviving passengers into the sea.
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1938 64 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Sweet Sickness, A
Synopsis : A young woman gets sexually used and abused by every man she meets while on her way to rising to the top of Hollywood's entertainment industry.
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1968 65 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Swamp Women
Synopsis : Four escaped women convicts, known as the the"Nard" gang chase after a stash of diamonds.
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1955 67 min. Free