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WWII Movies at - Our Job in Japan
Synopsis : Witness true to life battle scenes in this short feature film as U.S. foces match up against the Japanese war machine.
Download Our Job in Japan at
1945 17 min. Free
WWII Movies at - Memphis Belle
Synopsis : Documentary about the 25th and last bombing mission of a B17, the "Memphis Belle." The "Memphis Belle" took part in a great bombing raid on sub-pens in Wilhelmshafen, Germany. On their way they encounterd heavy AA fire and interceptors.
Download Memphis Belle at
1944 42 min. Plus
WWII Movies at - Autobiography of a Jeep, The
Synopsis : Ever wonder how the Jeep was born? Witness the birth of the Jeep in this fun packed information video. See how versatile a Jeep can be.
Download Autobiography of a Jeep, The at
1944 10 min. Free
WWII Movies at - Tunisian Victory, The
Synopsis : Witness the horrors of war in this never before seen war documentary depicting the Tunisian victory.
Download Tunisian Victory, The at
1944 76 min. Free
WWII Movies at - Battle of China
Synopsis : In this installment of the "Why We Fight" propaganda series, we learn about the country of China and its people. With a brief history of the country, we also learn of why the Japanese wanted to conquer it and felt confident about succeeding. Finally, the history of the war in that theatre is illustrated and shows the stiff determination of the Chinese who use all their resources to oppose Japanese aggression to the end.
Download Battle of China at
1944 62 min. Plus