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Drama Movies at - Skin Game, The
Synopsis : A rich family, the Hillcrests, is fighting against the speculator, Hornblower, who sends away poor farmers to build factories on their lands. When Mrs. Hillcrest finds out that Chloe Hornblower was a prostitute, she uses this secret to blackmail the speculator and force him to stop his business.
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1931 82 min. Free
Drama Movies at - Slavers
Synopsis : The title here gives it all away: this is a depiction of the human slave trade in east Africa around the time it was becoming abolished (according to the narration), circa 1884.
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1978 89 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Smash-Up
Synopsis : Susan Hayward is torch singer Angie Evans. She gives up her career when she marries an up and coming radio star. Two Academy Award nominations.
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1947 103 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Smoke and Flesh
Synopsis : Turk, a "cool swinger", throws and wild sex and drugs party, but has trouble when three hoodlum friends of his crash the party and Turk resorts to drastic measures to remove them from the festivities.
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1968 68 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Soul Vengeance
Synopsis : A proud black man does time in jail where he is subjected to heinous experiments. Once released, he goes about extracting vengeance on those who put him in prison. This includes both seducing their women and murdering them by a mysterious means. Then the hook is revealed - his murder weapon is his own genitals which are now enormous and super powered as a result of the experiments he endured in prison.
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1975 99 min. Plus