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Drama Movies at - Woman in the Night, A
Synopsis : A Woman in the NIght is an intriguing erotic tale of a lonely author who writes to fulfil his lustful fantasies.
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1979 90 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Women Unchained
Synopsis : From the hell of a woman's prison to the hell and mayhem of escape! They will do anything to get to Mexico... and freedom. From the moment the riot started and the guard killed, there's no going back for the women from Cell Block 3.
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1974 82 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Beat Girl
Synopsis : A rebellious teenager runs away from home and joins the So-Ho beatniks when her widowed father remarries a much younger woman. But beatnik life isn't all it seems and she ends up working as a stripper in a sleazy club. There the creepy club owner attempts to seduce her. Her lover gets jealous and stabs the lecherous club owner. Now the two must do something fast.
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1960 89 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Out Of It
Synopsis : High school students struggle for social status and acceptance from the opposite sex in Out Of It. Paul is the shy boy who asks the blonde cheerleader Christine for a date. The two see Romeo and Juliet, but Christine tells Paul she is feeling ill. After he brings her home, he discovers she made the excuse to keep a date with Russ, the quarterback on the football team.
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1969 88 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Honky
Synopsis : Black girl from rich family loves white boy from poor family.
Download Honky at
1971 87 min. Plus