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Drama Movies at - School For Unclaimed Girls
Synopsis : Nicki is a troubled teenage girl who feels guilty about her father's death. Her mother Anne is a lonely woman who falls for opportunistic loafer Harry. When Harry tries to rape Nicki, she stabs him with a pair of scissors. Nicki is sent to a home for wayward girls where she becomes even more withdrawn. She is seduced by a lesbian and the two manage to escape the facility.
Download School For Unclaimed Girls at
1969 93 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Runaway, The
Synopsis : A teen-age girl runs away from home and gets romantically involved with a much older businessman.
Download Runaway, The at
1971 91 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Story of Mankind, The
Synopsis : The council of elders of outer space is deliberating on a very important subject: Must mankind be allowed to survive, or is it so esentially evil that it must be destroyed? A devil and an angel act as prosecutor and defense for the human race.
Download Story of Mankind, The at
1957 99 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Dark Is Death's Friend, The
Synopsis : A morbid killer stalks women, while George Hilton kills his wife and stuffs her in the trunk of his car.
Download Dark Is Death's Friend, The at
1975 86 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Sex Academy
Synopsis : Madame Olga, is the owner of a luxurious brothel in London, England. One of the brothel┤s new clients, a young man, falls in love with her. He wishes to have more than sexual relationships with the woman.
Download Sex Academy at
1980 76 min. Plus