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Drama Movies at - Big Cat, The
Synopsis : 1933. A city boy arrives in his late mother's birthplace to discover the locals have been pestered by drought, old fights and a cougar. He turns out to be pivotal in all of these.
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1949 77 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Svengali
Synopsis : Sinister music maestro Svengali can control the actions of women through hypnotism and his telepathic powers. When a pupil he has seduced announces she has left her husband for him, he uses his powers to cause her suicide and promptly forgets her. He meets a beautiful model, Trilby, and becomes infatuated with her, but she, in turn, falls for a young artist called Billee who also loves her. One day Svengali hypnotizes Trilby to cure her headache, but also examines her upper palate and decides it is an ideal cavity for great singing. He convinces her to fake her suicide, so Billee and friends will forget her, and goes on a singing tour with her. Svengali uses his powers to make her sing wonderfully and Madame Svengali, as Trilby is now known, becomes a sensation throughout Europe. But Billee discovers the ruse and begins to follow the pair, upsetting Svengali enough to have him cancel performances too frequently, so they no longer can perform in Europe. They go to Egypt, but Billee relentlessly follows.
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1931 81 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Thursday's Child
Synopsis : The success of a child actor causes problems for the family at home.
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1942 82 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Red Fury, The
Synopsis : The story of an Indian boy at the mercy of a bigoted white community in the Old West where only two people, a farm owner and a school teacher, defend him from the rest.
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1984 104 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Demi Paradise, The
Synopsis : Charming romantic comedy-satire with Olivier intriguingly cast as a Russian engineer who skeptically comes to England... and promptly becomes involved with Ward. Perceptive and, in its way, still-topical Anatole de Grunwald script gently chides people's prejudice against "foreigners."
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1943 112 min. Plus