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Drama Movies at - Scar, The
Synopsis : Paul Henreid is a cunning criminal whose medical school specialty in mental disorders is about to come handy. He concocts a plan to exchange identities.
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1948 70 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Blood on the Sun
Synopsis : James Cagney plays a newspaper man in Japan before the second World War. While investigating the death of a friend, he acquires the Japanese plan for military conquest.
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1945 94 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Angel On My Shoulder
Synopsis : Hell is where a tough gangster is sent after he is rubbed out by an associate. The devil has plans for the gangster. He sends him back to Earth and places his soul inside the body of a judge.
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1946 101 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Secret Agent, The
Synopsis : John Gielgud is a British agent assigned to kill an enemy agent. He finally identifies the real secret agent with the help of fellow agent Peter Lorre.
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1936 83 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Little Princess, The
Synopsis : In Victorian England little Sara's widowed father is sent to the Boer War. When he is reported killed the evil head mistress at her boarding school turns Sara into a servant.
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1939 92 min. Plus