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Drama Movies at - Million Dollar Kid
Synopsis : The kids put a son of a millionaire back on the right path after they find he is mixed up with gangsters. Another Kids classic.
Download Million Dollar Kid at
1944 61 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Smash-Up
Synopsis : Susan Hayward is torch singer Angie Evans. She gives up her career when she marries an up and coming radio star. Two Academy Award nominations.
Download Smash-Up at
1947 103 min. Plus
Drama Movies at -
Synopsis : A psychopathic murderer of childern evades the police but is caught by the city criminals who find his activities giving them a bad name.
1931 99 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Wild Bunch, The
Synopsis : When Charles Boyer marries a widow with a family of three he finds that gaining the respect of the kids may be a matter of style but is a necessity.
Download Wild Bunch, The at
1955 29 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Bleeding Hearts
Synopsis : A story about love and hate between the races. As a man desperately tries to search for his true love social forces prevent any from blossoming.
Download Bleeding Hearts at
1997 91 min. Plus