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Drama Movies at - Beneath The 12 Mile Reef
Synopsis : A story about a family who live with day to day hardships involved in the Florida sponge fishing industry. Mystery, danger and intrigue are awash in the keys.
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1953 101 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Evil Mind, The
Synopsis : Maximus is a low budget trickster who puts on a fake clairvoyant act with his young wife Rene. Act turns to reality when, in the presence of another young lady, he starts to make startlingly correct predictions. His name becomes famous and he gets richer as he correctly predicts a train wreck and the Darby winner. When the accident does occur, Maximus finds himself on trial as its cause.
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1934 68 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Drums in the Deep South
Synopsis : Two former West Point roommates, one from the North, and the other from the South, wind upon opposite sides when civil war breaks out.
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1951 86 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Clancy Street Boys
Synopsis : Muggs tries to deceive a rich uncle who has been sending money for a non-existant family for years. Another East Side Kids classic.
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1943 64 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Kid Dynamite
Synopsis : Muggs is kidnapped by crooks just before his championship fight. Watch Muggs mangle the English language and the rest mangle each other and the bad guys.
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1943 66 min. Plus