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Drama Movies at - Teacher, The
Synopsis : A beautiful and seductive small town high school teacher seduces her star pupil. Deranged desire leads to murder and mayhem when their careless, uncontrolled passion provokes the raging jealousy of a town misfit who has just been released from a mental hospital. Brief nudity.
Download Teacher, The at
1974 98 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Katherine aka The Radical
Synopsis : A young heiress rejects her pampered lifestyle and becomes a violent revolutionary, rebelling against social injustices and the system that spawned them.
Download Katherine aka The Radical at
1975 96 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Butterfly Affair, The
Synopsis : Beautiful singer involved in a scheme to smuggle two million dollars worth of gems.
Download Butterfly Affair, The at
1971 76 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Steppenwolf
Synopsis : Static, enigmatic film version of the famous Herman Hesse novel about a brooding writer searching for meaning and self-worth.
Download Steppenwolf at
1974 108 min. Plus
Drama Movies at - Absolution
Synopsis : Two English boys trapped in a Catholic boarding school conspire to drive a tyrannical priest over the edge of sanity.
Download Absolution at
1981 94 min. Plus