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Adventure Movies at - Sabaka
Synopsis : In India, a young elephant trainer vows revenge against the cult that killed his family and, when the local Maharajah refuses to help, sets out alone to battle his enemy.
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1954 77 min. Plus
Adventure Movies at - Giant of Marathon
Synopsis : A Greek soldier leads the fight against an invading Persian army.
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1959 84 min. Plus
Adventure Movies at - Law of the Jungle
Synopsis : Nona Brooks (Arline Judge),former member of a stranded theatrical troupe, earns a temporary living singing in a cafe in Duakwa, British Rhodesia, Africa. The cafe owner is secretly in league with two foreign agents with a goal of making the natives restless. American explorer Larry Mason (John King)leaves for the jungle with his servant, Jeff (Mantan Moreland)and a safari. Nona escapes the cafe into the jungle but is followed by the agents as, unknowing to her, she is carrying a report of the agent\'s activities. She joins the safari just as all hands are captured by a tribe of natives.
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1942 61 min. Plus
Adventure Movies at - Adventure in Iraq
Synopsis : Five Allied soldiers in an airplane flying to Egypt crash-land in Iraq. They are taken in by a local sheik, but soon begin to suspect that he may not be quite as friendly as he appears to be.
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1943 65 min. Plus
Adventure Movies at - White Warrior, The
Synopsis : The story of Hadji Murad, a 19th-century Chechen chieftain who led his warriors in a fight against the invading forces of the Russian Czar.
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1959 86 min. Plus