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Action Movies at - Dance Hall Racket
Synopsis : A gangster who operates a sleazy dance hall uses a sadistic bodyguard to keep his girls afraid and his customers in line.
Download Dance Hall Racket at
1953 57 min. Plus
Action Movies at - Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer
Synopsis : In the year 1775, Daniel Boone was one of the first frontiersmen to explore Kentucky. His dream was to create a town called Boonesboro. Boonesboro was to be the gateway to the west a fort in the center. The British redcoats had other ideas.
Download Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer at
1956 76 min. Plus
Action Movies at - Death Challenge
Synopsis : A pair of rival martial artists are forced to team up in order to capture a brutal pirate, whose Spider Claw style is a match for anyone. Features three different styles of "Animal Fist" fighting.
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1975 93 min. Plus
Action Movies at - Defeat of the Mafia
Synopsis : At the Rome airport two men are taken into custody. Inspector Scott Luce thinks their two suit-cases are full of drugs, but the suit-cases contains only white powder. Afterwards the corpse of Susan Palmer is found. She was a drug runner for the Cosa Nostra boss Frankie Agostino. Susan's friend, Jenny Ryan, meets a mysterious man from America, Arthur Ardigan, supposedly her cousin. In the meantime Inspector Luce is investigating.
Download Defeat of the Mafia at
1970 89 min. Plus
Action Movies at - Devil Rider!
Synopsis : A young rebellious girl hooks up with a biker gang. Her mother hires a private detective to find her and bring her back. The detective goes undercover as a biker to search for her.
Download Devil Rider! at
1970 70 min. Plus