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Action Movies at - Go Gorilla Go
Synopsis : Fabio Testi stars in this crime film as an ex-stunt man turned bodyguard (or “Gorilla”) who buddies up with a rich businessman who has been harassed by the mob.
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1976 85 min. Plus
Action Movies at - Defeat of the Mafia
Synopsis : At the Rome airport two men are taken into custody. Inspector Scott Luce thinks their two suit-cases are full of drugs, but the suit-cases contains only white powder. Afterwards the corpse of Susan Palmer is found. She was a drug runner for the Cosa Nostra boss Frankie Agostino. Susan's friend, Jenny Ryan, meets a mysterious man from America, Arthur Ardigan, supposedly her cousin. In the meantime Inspector Luce is investigating.
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1970 89 min. Plus
Action Movies at - T-Bird Gang
Synopsis : A high school boy, out to find his father\'s killer, joins up with a gang of juvenile delinquents.
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1959 65 min. Plus
Action Movies at - Rome Armed to the Teeth
Synopsis : A tough, violent cop who doesn't mind bending the law goes after a machine-gun-carrying, hunchbacked psychotic killer.
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1976 90 min. Plus
Action Movies at - Burglars, The
Synopsis : The Burglars is a fantastic action thriller with Jean-Paul Belmondo who stars as Azad. He’s a slick jewel thief who steals an emerald worth millions of dollars. Police detective Abel Zacharia, who seems much more interested in the precious emerald then with arresting Azad stalks him relentlessly. This game of cat and mouse cumulates with one of cinemas most incredible car chases.
Download Burglars, The at
1971 113 min. Plus